Canadian maritime law covers many commercial activities on the ocean.

Shipping and logistics, charter transportation services, towing, freight contracts, marine construction, and many other activities fall under the jurisdiction of maritime law. These activities can create a wide range of legal issues, such as:


  • Collisions resulting in personal injury,  property damage, and other losses
  • Financial matters (such as mortgages, bankruptcy, or insurance)
  • Contract disputes
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations (such as maritime or workplace safety)
  • Liability for harbors, marinas, and terminals


The maritime practice group at MacKenzie Fujisawa provides comprehensive legal planning for the maritime industry. Our experienced lawyers help business owners address all regulatory matters to stay in compliance and avoid unnecessary fines. We also help maritime businesses avoid liability in their business operations and mitigate losses with appropriate insurance coverage. A comprehensive legal strategy can protect boat owners, charter operators, marinas, and other maritime businesses run efficiently and with as much legal protection as possible.

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