For over 50 years, our lawyers have provided top counsel to clients requiring solutions to legal issues ranging from civil disputes and corporate matters to personal injury and natural resources.

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Diverse practice areas, outstanding experience, and a track record of success.
Well-established as a trustworthy law firm in Vancouver, MacKenzie Fujisawa has been steadily growing throughout BC and internationally since our beginning in 1963 as Braidwood, Nuttal & MacKenzie.
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We also help individuals and businesses protect their assets in real estate transactions: with a strong legal strategy, both buyers and sellers can minimize the risk of loss.
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Business Law
Fortunately, you do not have to manage these legal issues on your own: by hiring an experienced lawyer, you can develop a strong legal strategy that will reduce your company’s exposure to liability and ensure that you are in compliance with laws and regulations.
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Businesses that fail to meet their legal obligations can face liability, fines, or even be shut down altogether. Our experienced Vancouver industry lawyers know how to help business professionals meet their legal obligations in a wide range of industries.
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Success is made of people. Our award-winning lawyers and staff are fully committed to the success of our clients, delivering excellence in everything they do.
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