Navigating Government Action in a Post - Covid-19 World
Introduction The spread of COVID-19 through Canada and the world has led to widespread social and legal change. One significant change has been, and will increasingly be, the increasing reach of government regulation into everyday life....
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The Advocate: Experts - Judges Need to Bring Real Change
An expert in a trial is a witness who, unlike most witnesses, is permitted to give opinion evidence. These special witnesses are given such a privilege because they have demonstrated to the court that they “have acquired special or peculiar knowledge through study or experience in respect of matte...
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From Pachina Bay to the Pribilofs to Paris: Protection for a Northern Mammal
Zoologically speaking, the fur seal is not a seal at all but a sea-going bear. It has thick fur and, unlike the true seal, external ears and hind feet that can be turned forward for moving about on land – like the walrus....
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Georges A. Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service
Lawyers Jerry McHale, Q.C., and Art Vertlieb, Q.C., received one of the highest honours from the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association....
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The Lawyers Weekly: Future Income Loss Claims
Trying to determine a plaintiff’s future loss of earning capacity may seem like gazing into a crystal ball....
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The Advocate: Who Should Bear the Risk?
Awards of tort damages are based on an enticingly simple principle of just compensation, summarized by McLachlin J. (as she then was) in Ratych v. Bloomer....
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The Fish Canneries Reference
Researching decided cases is one of the great pleasures of practising law. I do not mean sitting behind a computer screen punching in key words. I mean pulling down a volume of law reports, blowing off the dust, guarding cuffs and lapels against disintegrating leather bindings, turning up the page w...
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